CLT 2014 was great again    Posted:

as in previous years we had a Debian booth at the Chemnitzer Linux-Tage it was as well organized as the years before and I enjoyed meeting a lot of great people from the Debian and free software communities as well as CAcert again.

At our booth we presented the awesome work of Debian Installer translators in a BabelBox surrounded by xpenguins which attracted young as well as older passers-by. We got thanks for our work which I want to forward to the whole Debian community. A Debian user told us that he is able to use some PC hardware from the late 1990s that does not work with other desktop OSes anymore.

We fed 3 kg of strategic jelly bear reserves as well as some packs of savoury snacks to our visitors. Alexander Wirt brought some T-Shirts, Stickers and Hoodies that we sold almost completely.

We did some keysigning at the booth to help to get better keys into the Debian keyring and helped a prospective new Debian Developer to get a strong key signed to his FD approval. I also attended the Key signing party organized by Jens Kubieziel.

Thanks to all people who helped at the booth:

  • Alexander Mundt
  • Alexander Wirt
  • Florian Baumann
  • Jan Hörsch
  • Jan Wagner
  • Jonas Genannt
  • Rene Engelhard
  • Rhalina
  • Y Plentyn

Thanks to TMT for sponsoring the booth hardware.

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Going to Chemnitzer Linux-Tage 2014    Posted:

This year I take care of organizing of the Debian booth at Chemnitzer Linux-Tage 2014 which has been approved a few days ago. The CLT is a yearly (mostly) german speaking Free Software community event which takes place on the weekend of 15th/16th march in Chemnitz (Germany). On the Linux-Live pages you find a lot of projects that will have a booth there and the talk schedule contains many interesting topics. There will also be a key signing event for which you can register until 11th of march.

The Wiki page for the Event is already in a good shape. Many things are already organized, but we still have some items left.

A lot of people from the Debian community have already told me that they will be there. We will have a Debian Wheezy BabelBox demonstration running on a VirtualBox host that Jan Wagner will provide as well as merchandising (Thanks to Alexander Wirt).

Two talks from people on our Wiki page have been accepted by the CLT organizers too:

I am happy to meet many nice people from the Free Software community in Chemnitz soon.

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New server, new blog, new home for    Posted:

New server

The Debian Member Portfolio Service moved to a new server. This is the first service that I installed using Salt states which worked pretty well.

Behind the scenes it moved from Apache httpd + mod_wsgi to nginx and uwsgi and from Debian Squeeze versions of the Python modules to the versions in Wheezy.

New blog

I started this new blog using the Nikola static site and blog generator. I really like writing this way (with my favourite editor, ReSTructured Text and git) instead of using some awkward browser based GUI. I chose Nikola over other alternatives because it's Python based.

I hope that I'll write a bit more often than I did in the past.

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