2010-06-11 Jan Dittbernerupdated translations
2010-06-11 Jan Dittbernerpopulate wikihomepage in
2010-06-11 Jan Dittberneradd input fields for wikihomepage and forumsid
2010-06-11 Jan Dittbernerupdate translations
2010-06-11 Jan Dittbernerhide showall field for non ECMAScript clients
2010-06-11 Jan Dittberneradd checkbox and ECMAScript code to toggle display...
2010-06-11 Jan Dittbernerenable GPG fingerprint entry with disabled ECMAScript
2010-06-11 Jan Dittbernerhandle empty email field onBlur event correctly
2010-06-11 Jan DittbernerMerge branch 'dm_support'
2010-06-11 Jan Dittberneruse unquoted email address for MIA lookup
2010-06-11 Jan Dittbernermark all patterns that require optional information...
2010-06-11 Jan Dittbernerupdate copyright information
2010-06-11 Jan Dittberneruse email address for MIA pattern to catch non-DDs
2010-06-11 Jan Dittberneradd support for automatic DM data lookup
2010-06-11 Jan DittbernerMerge remote branch 'origin/deployed'
2010-06-05 Jan Dittbernersilence keyringanalyzer
2010-06-05 Jan Dittbernerfix path handling in keyringanalyzer
2010-06-05 Jan DittbernerMerge branch 'master' into lenny
2010-06-05 Jan Dittberneradd flattr button
2010-06-05 Jan Dittberneradd flattr button
2010-06-03 Jan Dittberneradd support for non URL-Information
2010-06-03 Jan Dittbernerupdated translations
2010-06-03 Jan Dittberneradd support for non-url information
2010-06-03 Jan Dittbernerupdate copyright information
2010-06-03 Jan Dittberneradd ChangeLog file
2010-06-03 Jan DittbernerMerge branch 'extraparams' into lenny
2010-06-03 Jan Dittbernergenerate wikihomepage from name if parameter is missing
2010-06-03 Jan Dittberneradd translations for new pattern labels
2010-06-03 Jan Dittberneradd support for optional patterns
2010-06-03 Jan Dittbernersupport non unicode fields
2010-06-03 Jan Dittberneradd new patterns for wiki and forum
2010-06-03 Jan Dittbernerimprove handling of missing fields
2010-06-03 Jan Dittberneraccept extra fields forumsid and wikihomepage
2010-05-10 Jan DittbernerMerge branch 'newrules' into lenny
2010-05-10 Jan Dittbernerupdated translations
2010-05-10 Jan Dittberneradd ideas for SSH functions as comment
2010-05-10 Jan Dittberneradd idea for debconf list search as comment
2010-05-10 Jan Dittberneradd Debian search
2010-05-10 Jan Dittberneradd website google search
2010-05-10 Jan Dittberneradd patch tracker
2010-05-10 Jan Dittberneradd piuparts
2010-05-10 Jan Dittberneradd support for "firstchar" in patterns
2010-05-10 Jan DittbernerMerge branch 'newrules' into lenny
2010-05-10 Jan Dittberneradd ubuntudiff to new group Ubuntu
2010-05-10 Jan Dittberneruse the fixed set of dependency versions from Lenny
2010-05-10 Jan Dittbernerignore .coverage
2009-09-14 Jan Dittberneruse ; instead of & for merkel search url
2009-09-03 Jan Dittbernerremove oldpeople urls
2009-09-03 Jan Dittberneruse keyring files from ~/debian/
2009-08-14 Jan Dittberneruse keyrings as does, add script for synchr...
2009-08-14 Jan Dittbernercompile translations for bugs.correspondent
2009-08-14 Jan Dittberneradded translation for bugs.correspondent
2009-08-14 Jan Dittberneradd correspondent query for bugs
2009-02-18 Jan Dittbernerswitch to html as default output format
2009-02-17 Jan Dittbernerpre-fill fields if enough necessary information is...
2009-02-17 Jan Dittbernerfix rendering of git repository URL
2009-02-10 Jan Dittbernerfix XSS vulnerability reported by Moritz Naumann
2009-01-29 Jan Dittbernerallow PGP keys with shorter fingerprint
2009-01-29 Jan Dittbernerfix Google search URL
2009-01-23 Jan Dittberneruse url_for for static files to use webapp's context rich-jquery-frontend
2009-01-23 Jan Dittbernerupdate translation catalogs
2009-01-23 Jan Dittberneradd jQuery magic for input
2009-01-23 Jan Dittberneradd new controller for javascript and autocompletion...
2009-01-23 Jan Dittbernermake gpgfp readonly and hidden per default, reference...
2009-01-23 Jan Dittbernerfixed spelling of Stefano's name
2009-01-22 Jan Dittbernerupdated translation
2009-01-22 Jan Dittbernerimproved design, additional texts, base template
2009-01-22 Jan Dittbernerreplace deprecated rails helper dependent code
2009-01-22 Jan Dittbernerupdated translation
2009-01-22 Jan Dittberneradd non DD email field
2009-01-22 Jan Dittberneradd fields, improve validation, improve error messages
2009-01-22 Jan Dittberneradd translation for labels
2009-01-22 Jan Dittberneradd labels for HTML output
2009-01-21 Jan Dittbernerfix i18n of form validation messages
2009-01-21 Jan Dittbernerswitch to get requests
2009-01-21 Jan Dittbernerupdate translation first-pylons-based-installed
2009-01-21 Jan Dittberneradd custom routing for result page
2009-01-21 Jan Dittbernerfix handling of special Unicode characters
2009-01-21 Jan Dittbernerhandle fpr is None correctly
2009-01-21 Jan Dittbernerintegrate gpg key lookup with url creation
2009-01-21 Jan Dittbernermake the keyfinder usable
2009-01-21 Jan Dittberneradd copyright and license information
2009-01-21 Jan Dittberneradd tools for handling keyring data
2009-01-21 Jan DittbernerMerge branch 'pylons'
2009-01-21 Jan Dittbernerimplement URL generation
2009-01-20 Jan Dittberneradd form validation
2009-01-20 Jan Dittbernerinitial Pylons i18n
2009-01-20 Jan Dittberneradd form template
2009-01-20 Jan Dittberneradd AGPL 3.0 license text
2009-01-20 Jan Dittberneradd AGPL 3.0 license text
2009-01-20 Jan Dittbernersetup Pylons infrastructure
2009-01-20 Jan Dittberneradd input validation, prepare i18n
2009-01-20 Jan Dittbernerrename app(...) to application(...) to make WSGIScriptA... first-installed
2009-01-20 Jan Dittbernerswitch to simplejson and complete
2009-01-20 Jan Dittbernerfix syntax error
2009-01-20 Jan Dittbernerinitial implementation